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Digger wasps

Bees, Wasps and Ants

Solitary wasps that mainly nest in the ground creating little heaps of soil or sand as they excavate. Usually yellow and black or orange and black.

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Heath Potter Wasp

Eumenes coarctatus

Purbeck Mason Wasp

Pseudepipona herrichii

Red-banded Sand wasp

Ammophila sabulosa

Slender-bodied Digger Wasp

Crabro cribrarius

Digger Wasp (L albilabris)

Lindenius albilabris

Common Spiny Digger Wasp

Oxybelus uniglumis

Field Digger Wasp

Mellinus arvensis

Sand-tailed Digger Wasp

Cerceris arenaria

Ornate-tailed Digger Wasp

Cereris rybyensis


Philanthus triangulum