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Cabbage Family Crucifereae


The cabbage family are also known as brassicas. They have four petals in a cross shape hence the usual name of crucifers, cross-shaped. This a diverse family of manly yellow or white blooms but the four petals are diagnostic although the flowers may come in spikes, clusters or individually.

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Hedge Mustard

Sisymbrium officinale


Barbarea vulgaris

Marsh Yellow-cress

Rorippa palustris

Annual Wall Rocket

Diplotaxis muralis

Wild Cabbage

Brassica oleracea

Black Mustard

Brassica nigra


Sinapis arvensis

Wild Radish

Raphanus raphanistrum

Sea Raddish

Raphanus raphanistrum ssp maritimus

Garlic Mustard

Alliaria Petiolata


Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum agg.

Thale Cress

Arabidopsis thaliana

Hairy Bitter-cress

Cardamine hirsuta

Wavy Bitter-cress

Cardamine flexuosa

Hairy Rock-cress

Arabis hirsuta

Sweet Alison

Lobularia maratima

Common Whitlowgrass

Erophila verna

Shepherds Purse

Capsella bursa-pastoris

Common scurveygrass

Cochlearia officinalis

Danish Scurveygrass

Cochlearia danica

Sea Kale

Crambe maritima

Hoary Cress

Cardaria draba

Field Pepperwort

Lepidium campestre


Hesperis matronalis


Cardamine pratensis


Lunaria annua

Sea Rocket

Cakile maratima