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Bumble bees and Cuckoo bees

Bees, Wasps and Ants

Generally large, sturdy, hairy, social insects with distinctive colour patterns although some species are very similar. Cuckoo bees look similar but lay their eggs in bumble bee nests and so do not collect nectar.

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Small Garden Bumble-bee

Bombus hortorum

Heath Bumble-bee

Bombus jonellus

Large Red-tailed Bumble-bee

Bombus lapidarius

White-tailed Bumble-bee

Bombus lucorum

Tree Bumble-bee

Bombus hypnorum

Buff-tailed Bumble-bee

Bombus terrestris

Brown-banded Carder Bee

Bombus humilis

Common Carder Bee

Bombus pascuorum

Vestal Cuckoo-bee

Bombus vestalis