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Broomrape Family Orobanchaceae


The broomrape family is an interesting one. Some of the species are fully parasitic and get all their nutrients from their host plant and so have no chlorophyll whereas others are semi-parasitic and do have chlorophyll The parasitic plants generally have specific hosts whereas the semi-parasites can be more general and use a range of grasses.

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Pedicularis sylvatica

Marsh Lousewort

Pedicularis palustris

Yellow Rattle

Rhinanthus minor

Red Bartsia

Odontites vernus

Yellow Bartsia

Parentucellia viscosa

Common Cow-wheat

Melampyrum pratense


Euphrasia agg

Common Broomrape

Orobanche minor

Carrot Broomrape

Orobanche maritima

Knapweed Broomrape

Orobanche elatior

Greater Broomrape

Orobanche rupum-genistae

Ivy Broomrape

Orobanche hederae


Lathraea squamaria