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See details Name of Reservesort descending Map Reference Interest Level
view Chedington Woods ST489064
view Chewton Bunny SZ217933
view Chilfrome SY580988
view Church Ope Cove SY697710
view Churchmoor Copse SU033004
view Cogdean Elms Local Nature Reserves SY993978
view Cole Wood SY862860
view Collyers Brook Nature Reserve ST 870168
view Coneys Castle SY372977
view Coombe Heath Nature Reserve SY862848
view Corfe Barrows Nature Park SY 995979
view Corfe Castle Common SY958815
view Corfe Castle Mound and River SY958823
view Corfe Mullen Meadow Nature Reserve SY980965
view Court Farm SY621992
view Cranborne Common SU101111
view Creech Heath National Nature Reserve SY918839
view Crookhill Brickpits Local Nature Reserve SY644798
view Dancing Ledge SY995775
view Deadmoor Common ST750110
view Delph Wood SZ016974
view Dewlands Common Local Nature Reserve SU077081
view Drakenorth SY527979
view Duncliffe Wood ST825225
view Dunyeats Hill Nature Reserve SZ016964
view Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove SY815805
view Durlston Country Park SZ033773
view East Stoke Fen Nature Reserve SY864865
view Ebblake Bog SU105070
view Eggardon Hill SY544945
view Eight Acre Wood Local Nature Reserve SY843880
view Ferndown Common SU066008
view Ferrybridge and Portland Causeway SY666762
view Fifehead Wood Nature Reserve ST779217
view Fontmell Down Nature Reserve ST887176
view Frampton SY619944
view Furzebrook Heath SY918849
view Garston Wood Nature Reserve SU003195
view Giant Hill ST667017
view Girdlers Coppice Nature Reserve ST800135
view Godlingston Heath National Nature Reserve SZ020830
view Greenhill Down Nature Reserve ST789038
view Grove Copse SZ139945
view Ham Common Local Nature Reserve SY980902
view Hambledon Hill National Nature Reserve ST845126
view Handcocks Bottom ST899128
view Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve SY963856
view Hatch Pond Local Nature Reserve SZ013939
view Hatchards Copse SU075031
view Haydon and Askerswell Downs SY547928