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Wareham Forest (Woolsbarrow)

The site of an iron age settlement offering views across Wareham Forest and surrounded by various other habitat types


Wareham Forest: Woolsbarrow

Post date: Thursday, 31 December, 2015 - 15:46

I am not absolutely certain but I believe Woolsbarrow Hill Fort is the highest point in Wareham Forest, it certainly affords extensive views westwards across the heath towards Dorchester. It is not hard to see why iron age settlers decided to make this their home, I should think it was quite easy to defend. There is little sign of the fort now but the views remain probably pretty much unchanged for thousands of years. Not being an archaeologist or historian I had better say no more!

I say the view has probably not changed in thousands of years, that is actually far from true as, although pretty wild, the landscape will have changed as human management activities have taken effect. Originally the woodland was cleared by neolithic man but more recently imported conifer species have been introduced and changed the area again turning much of it back to woodland although not as it would have been after the last ice age.

My records for this site were collected from the two ways of approaching the fort as well as from the immediate area around the fort itself. 


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