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Tynham and Worbarrow Bay

The village taken from its inhabitants during the war for training troops. Open at weekends and the start of wonderful walks on the Purbeck coast.


Tynham and Worbarrow Bay: the community of sacrifice

Post date: Thursday, 18 December, 2014 - 21:07

The village of Tynham is well known locally as the village that was taken from its inhabitants during the war for training troops. Given very little time to pack up and leave they were led to believe they would return when the war was over but over sixty years later the village lies in virtual ruins with just the school and church in tact, preserved as monuments to those people who gave up their homes for the sake of their country. Tynham is well worth a visit for the emotional experience of seeing the classroom in the school, almost as the children left it, and to see the museum and memorial in the church.

From the walking point of view park in Tynham village car park (just £2.00 for the day and the contribution goes to upkeep of the facilties) and walk the cliffs to Tynham Cap and Brandy Bay and back to Worbarrow Bay. Some steep climbing in places but it is well worth the effort for the wonderful views. This is best done in summer, but remember that this is MoD land now and access is restricted during the week apart from the holiday season. There are plenty of signs to let you know whether the village is open to the public or closed for military use.

This is probably my favourite part of the Purbeck coast, it is a shame it is not more accessible.


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