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Stokeford Heath

A pleasant walk between abandoned and overgrown gravel pits on one side and a golf cpourse on the other.



Stokeford Heath: fore!

Post date: Friday, 12 December, 2014 - 18:58

Sadly, much of Stokeford Heath is now inaccessible. Extensive gravel extraction has left dangerous and innaccesible pits and much of the heath has been converted into improved grassland and is now the South Dorset Golf and Country Club. A further area, once Buddens Farm, is now a scout and youth camping area so there are restrictions on access here too!

There is, however, a footpath from north of the golf course to Binegar Farm that passes through the Scout Centre at Buddens Farm. Along this path are the remants of the earlier gravel extraction which has been recollonised by nature and makes for an interesting walk although you need to watch out for golfers and stray golf balls.


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