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Soul Moor and Bere Stream Nature Reserve

A delightful riverside walk looked after by the local community


Elder Road Open Space: a community asset

Post date: Thursday, 23 October, 2014 - 15:17

There are some big nature reserves and some small open spaces, each has a vital role to play in the creation of biodiversity networks which could hold the key to a more balanced environment in the future. The Elder Road open space in Bere Regis is not a big site but provides a delightful short walk along the Bere chalk stream. It may not be big but it is important in the greater scheme of things and, despite quite a lot of use as recreational space, the pure water of the chalk stream here which is lined with alder and other trees provides an ideal feeding point for birds that are making their way along the river.

The river can flood here and the southern side of the stream is rough, wet pasture; pefect for several species of flowering plants including sedges and rushes. The river itself and its banks are also well stocked with wild flowers.

I have only just discovered this little gem but it is one I will be watching carefully as the year progresses to see what delights unfold.


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