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Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve

An urban nature reserve with an impressive species list providing a very pleasant walk for the nature lover.


Kinson Common: come on, pay it a visit

Post date: Sunday, 23 November, 2014 - 00:00

To me Kinson Common is the epitome of an urban nature reserve. An area saved from development whilst the urbanisation of the surrounding area was taking place because it was too wet for building on and is now just a tiny fragment of a lost precious piece of countryside. Surrounded on all sides by housing it gets extensive use from local people and is blighted with dog mess (and this revolting habitat some dog owners now have of puting it in a plastic bag and hanging it on a bramble) and litter. It is a favourite playground for local children, adults and their dogs.

Despite this the site has an impressive species list and provides a very pleasant hour or so to the nature lover who is happy to meander and look. Lots of work has gone in to this site to try and strike a balance between nature and people and those involved deserve a lot of credit for their work, especially the volunteers; they deserve better support from the local population who should show the site more respect. In the cause of health and safety large damp/wet areas have been fenced off denying access and this, of course, is where the key natural interest is. A beneficial byproduct of the need to protect people from themselves and thereby giving protection to the plants and animals of the boggy areas and main stream.

Kinson Common is well worth a visit, why not go on one of their guided walks to get to know it better.


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