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Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve

A wonderful nature reserve where you can experience the Dorset countryside as it was before intensive agriculture changed the landscape.


Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve: a jewel in the crown

Post date: Sunday, 16 November, 2014 - 00:00

Kingcombe is probably one of the best known Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve having been featured on the BBC Springwatch programme with Simon King spending a couple of days there. If you saw it, who can forget the lovely little roe deer fawn playing in one of the meadows?

What can you say about the wildlife at Kingcombe other than it is a special place, a real jewel in Dorset's crown. Here animals and plants thrive in farmland that has been unspoilt by modern agriculture. The Dorset Wildlife Trust describe a visit to Kingcombe as a step back in time to how our countryside was before the second World War and frankly I could not possibly argue with that! A must visit reserve, especially in spring and summer and one of my top ten Dorset sites. Be prepared for wild flowers everywhere, especially heath spotted orchids in June.

Kingcombe is nearly always wet so good footwear is essential; Wellington boots are best. It is not easy walking and there are no made up paths so this one is not for those less physically able. It is also a big reserve so allow plenty of time, or better still, revisit it whenever you can. Sadly, it is some distance from my home and I rarely seem to get there.

The species list here is not only my records but includes some from other sources.


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