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Holway Woods Nature Reserve

A delightful walk in mixed woodland with lovely views between the trees. 


Holway Wood: high on a hill

Post date: Wednesday, 12 November, 2014 - 10:36

Holway Woods is a delightful walk for those who are mobile but it can be a problem for those who find slopes difficult; the path is well made but undulating as the reserve lies on the side of a west facing slope in the most northen part of Dorset. As nature reserves go, I felt that it did not much of real natural interest but nevertheless well worth a visit, even if only for the views. It has a fair mix of non-native trees for those who are aborealists, both broad-leaved and conifer. As with all woods, best visited in spring when the flowers are at their best but my visit in June was rewarded with some new insect records.

I found Holway Woods difficult to find as the sign board cannot be seen from the road when you are in the car and it is easy to pass it. Parking is also a major issue with just one space in a disused quarry area opposite the entrance to the reserve. That said, it is a very quiet reserve and you would be unlucky to find someone else there, especially during the week.


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