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Hibbitt Woods Nature Reserve

A Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve consisting of two attractive small areas of woodland each side of a road.


Hibbitt Woods: a split personality

Post date: Sunday, 22 June, 2014 - 00:00

The Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve of Hibbitt Woods is actually two separate pieces of woodland. No doubt they were once one but at some point a track through it has been made in to a road and so separated the two sections. Whilst similar in many ways the two sections have evolved differently have a different feel to them as well as differences in structure and vegetation.

The southern part of the wood is approached through a narrow but wonderful flower meadow full of wild flowers, notably a striking display of common spotted orchids. The wood itself is formed primarily of ash trees which somehow gives a striking difference to oak or beech woodland. A circular path leads round this part of the reserve which makes it an ideal way to see the varied flora and insects. It is not a long walk but an interesting one.

On the north side of the road the woodland has no discernible path and whilst ash again the under storey is less dense and with varied plants and shrubs. The northern woodland is a little smaller than its southern counterpart.

This is not a large reserve but worthy of a visit none the less, especially to see the variation between the two woods. It is also a site for bird's-nest orchid in late spring but I was not able to find it; it may not be visible from the paths I suppose or maybe I just did not look in the right places!



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