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Hethfelton Wood

Mixed woodland and heath with a diverse array of flowers and insects.


Hethfelton Wood: all change please

Post date: Tuesday, 26 January, 2016 - 08:09

In general I am not a great fan of Forestry Commission plantation but I will make an exception for Hethfelton. Why? Two reasons; the conifers do not totally dominate the site allowing a good range of flowers and insects to thrive happily here and secondly there are signs that gradually the area is being returned to its natural state.

There is actually a third reason and that is I just like to walk at Hethfellton, it is interesting, quiet and easy walking. Although a favoured dog walking spot, and there are always a couple of cars parked when you drive past, there is little sign of dog mess or disturbance and, in general, it seems the people that use the wood respect it. The dogs are no trouble of course, always a joy to meet someone else's dog as someone else will have to clean it up when they get home!

A summer walk at Hethfelton is always worth the effort if you love nature.



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