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Hatch Pond Local Nature Reserve

A fairly large pond set in the industrial and residential areas of Poole.


Hatch Pond: not a pretty site

Post date: Thursday, 30 October, 2014 - 09:49

I cannot describe Hatch Pond as a 'beauty spot'! It is set amongst extensive industrial estates and housing and has a generous helping of electricity pylons near by. I have to feel its designation as a local nature reserve is, perhaps, a political gesture rather than a scientific necessity but may be I am being cynical.

I did rack up a bit of a species list and I did not visit at the best time of year so it has some interest for the naturalist. It does get occasional interesting birds in winter including bittern some years.

The pond can only be accessed on the southern and eastern sides and then only at a few points. Stop and take a look if passing but don't pack a picnic and go for the day!


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