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Ham Common Local Nature Reserve

A fragment of the heath and shoreline that once dominanted the area but with a large lake left from gravel extraction.


Ham Common: enclosed but not contained

Post date: Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 - 08:03

Ham Common is one of those places that is only a nature reserve because the site could not be developed when the surrounding area was being built upon. Enclosed by housing and a caravan site to the north and Poole harbour to the south and being the remnants of mineral extraction at some time in the past one could be forgiven for not having the highest of hopes for the wildlife there but, despite being a fragment of the heath and shoreline that once dominanted the area, it actually is quite a diverse landscape with plenty to interest the wildlife enthusiast.

The primary part of the reserve is the large lake left from mineral extraction and this is not only a magnet for birds but provides suitable habitat for the develoment of dragonfly and damselfly larvae. The surrounding area is heathland although this is overgrown with scrub in places but provides cover for a variety of birds and insects. The path to the south of the pond provides attractive views across Poole harbour.

Although suffering a degree of abuse from local inhabitants and dog walkers Ham Common provides a delightful walk with plenty to see, especially in mid-week when the local children are at school!


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