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Alners Gorse Nature Reserve

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Name of Location Alners Gorse Nature Reserve
Map Reference ST736100
SatNav Coordinates 50° 53' 19.338" N, 2° 22' 34.1076" W
  • Parking can be difficult
  • No visitor facilities
  • Defined paths

A remote, unspoilt area of old Blackmore Vale in the heart of Dorset. Superb site for flowers and insects.


Alners Gorse: how the world should be

I did not have great expectations when I set out to visit Alners Gorse, I cannot really tell you why, I just didn't. I have to say, though, that I was totally overwhelmed by what a wonderful place it is. Butterfly Conservation in Dorset deserve some special award for their work here. Regardless of butterflies, the flowers are amazing and bees and hoverflies abound.

The flora has some species that, whilst not rare, are generally uncommon and plants like pepper-saxifrage, dyers greenweed, hoary ragwort, devils-bit scabious and saw-wort abound. There are several species of sedge and reed all of which make for an attractive habitat for butterflies and other species. There are open areas and scrubby areas and some wooded areas; a diversity of habitat creating a diversity of plant life creating a diversity of insect life which feeds a diversity of birds and mammals. Is that not how the world should be? It was once of course.

Great place; well done Dorset Butterfly Conservation.


How to get there ...: 
From the A3030 between Lydlinch and Bishops Caundle turn south along the B3143. After passing through King's Stag turn left to Hazelbury Bryan and the entrance to the reserve is through a field gate on the left hand side about 8/10th of mile from the turning. This is not easy to find and there is no parking other than on the grass verge.
Ten Top Species Status Record Date
Brown Hairstreak See Butterfly Conservation website
Marsh Fritillary See Butterfly Conservation website
Pepper-saxifrage Common 21/08/2012
Dyers Greenweed Present 21/08/2012
White Admiral See Butterfly Conservation website
Silver-washed Fritillary See Butterfly Conservation website
Great Lettuce Present 21/08/2012
Hornet Nesting in toilet! 21/08/2012
Garden Warbler See Butterfly Conservation website
Hoverfly (S silentis) Present 21/08/2012
Tag Type Tag
Access Access Difficult
Area Central Dorset
Geology Clay
Manager Conservation Organisations

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