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  • Soul Moor and Bere Stream Nature Reserve

    Here is a 'virtual' tour of this site to give you an idea of what to expect if you visit:

    Elder Road open space is a small nature reserve along the stream at Bere Regis

    It is a chalk stream with clear, flowing water

    There is a circular path around the reserve, half of which is wheelchair accessible

    The well made boarded walks also help access to some of the wetter areas

    The stream has many water loving flowers, reeds and trees

    On the south side of the river is a marshy area with lots of yellow flag and other plants that thrive in this sort of habitat

    In summer there is an abundance of flowers and colour

    There are masses of river water-dropwort and water-cress

    A lovely spot to stand on the bridge and watch the water flow by!

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