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Site Facts

  • Radipole Lake Nature Reserve

    Name of Location Radipole Lake Nature Reserve
    Manager RSPB
    • Dragonflies and damselflies
    • Over-wintering birds
    Governing SSSI Radipole Lake
    Interest Biological
    My Notes Being river and reed bed habitat much of the SSSI is inaccessible but the RSPB have been able to create access into the reed beds in places and a visit to the open parts of the reserve is well worth the effort.
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    Habitat(s) Extent Comment
    F4: Slow moving rivers Significant The River Wey runs through the reserve
    S1: Hedgerow Scrub Partial Most of the paths have hedgerows alongside them
    C9: Reedbed Significant Large areas of phragmytes reed beds
    C8: Saline Lagoon Minority Reeds have been cleared and scrapes created in some places

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