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Site Facts

  • Hethfelton Wood

    Name of Location Hethfelton Wood
    Governing SSSI Stokeford Heaths
    Interest Biological
    My Notes Much of this SSSI is inaccessible, much hidden behind fencing that keep people out from the various gravel extraction sites along the Puddletown Road. The Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve of Higher Hyde lies within it along with two small pieces of Hethfelton Wood.
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    Habitat(s) Extent Comment
    W1: Broad-leaf Woodland Partial Some broad leaf woodland here especially along the entrance path
    W5: Conifer Plantation Significant Much of the area has been planted for commercial conifer timber
    H1: Dry Heath Foundation The woodland was planted on heath
    H2: Dry Heath/Acid Grassland Mosaic Minority There is a small area of grassland in the middle of the wood that is always worth a look

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