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Site Facts

  • Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve

    Name of Location Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve
    Manager Natural England
    • Dragonflies and damselflies
    • Reptiles and amphibians
    • Migrating Birds
    Governing SSSI Hartland Moor
    Interest Biological
    My Notes This SSSI covers not only Hartland Moor itself but some of the near by areas on Slepe Heath, Middlebere Heath and into some parts of the Arne reserve.
    Citation Detail View the citation on Natural England website
    Schedule View the schedule on Natural England website
    Habitat(s) Extent Comment
    H1: Dry Heath Partial On the higher ground
    H3: Wet Heath Partial The transition areas between dry heath and bog
    H2: Dry Heath/Acid Grassland Mosaic Partial Some remain from previous farming activity
    FP: Ponds Minority Occasional ponds, especially in the boggy wet heath
    SH: Hedgerow Scrub Minority Hedgerows line much of the tramway
    BR: Redundant Railway Partial Runs across the reserve
    H4: Valley Mire and Bog Significant The central feature of the site

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