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Common Name (Click for full details) Alternative Name(s) Scientific Name Group Records
Hedge Mustard Sisymbrium officinale Flowers 1
Hedge Woundwort Stachys sylvatica Flowers 1
Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus Mammals 3
Hemlock Water-dropwort Oenanthe crocata Flowers 1
Hemp-agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum Flowers 3
Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus Birds 13
Henbane Hyoscyamus niger Flowers 4
Herb-Robert Geranium robertianum Flowers 4
Herring Gull Larus argentatus Birds 5
Hobby Falco subbuteo Birds 74
Hogweed Heracleum sphondylium Flowers 3
Holly Ilex aquifolium Flowers 2
Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus Butterflies 9
Honey Bee Apis mellifera Bees, Wasps and Ants 4
Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus Birds 3
Honeysuckle Lonicera periclymenum Flowers 4
Honeysuckle sawfly Zaraea lonicerae Bees, Wasps and Ants 2
Hooded Crow Corvus cornix Birds 8
Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus Birds 3
Hoopoe Upupa epops Birds 18
Hornet Vespa crabo Bees, Wasps and Ants 4
Hornet Clear-wing Sesia apiformis Moths 2
Hornet Robberfly Asilus crabroniformis Flies 1
Horseshoe Vetch Hippocrepis comosa Flowers 2
House fly (F lustrator) Fannia lustrator Flies 1
House Martin Delichon urbicum Birds 23
Hoverfly (B elongata) Baccha elongata Flies 2
Hoverfly (C bicinctum) Chrysotoxum bicinctum Flies 2
Hoverfly (C festivum) Chrysotoxum festivum Flies 1
Hoverfly (C illustrata) Cheilosia illustrata Flies 1
Hoverfly (E arbustorum) Eristalis arbustorum Flies 1
Hoverfly (E balteatus) Episyrphus balteatus Flies 2
Hoverfly (E eligans) Epistrophe eligans Flies 1
Hoverfly (E grossulariae) Epistrophe grossulariae Flies 1
Hoverfly (E intricarius) Eristalis intricarius Flies 1
Hoverfly (E luniger) Eupeodes luniger Flies 2
Hoverfly (E pertinax) Eristalis pertinax Flies 4
Hoverfly (E tenax) Drone Fly Eristalis tenax Flies 4
Hoverfly (M cinctella) Meliscaeva cinctella Flies 2
Hoverfly (M euchromium) Meligramma euchromium Flies 1
Hoverfly (M florea) Myathropa florea Flies 1
Hoverfly (M scalare) Melanostoma scalare Flies 2
Hoverfly (P granditarsa) Platycheirus granditarsus Flies 1
Hoverfly (P rosarum) Platycheirus rosarum Flies 1
Hoverfly (P scutatus) Platycheirus scutatus Flies 1
Hoverfly (S pyrastri) Scaeva Pyrastri Flies 4
Hoverfly (S scripta) Sphaerophoria scripta Flies 1
Hoverfly (S silentis) Sericomyia silentis Flies 2
Hoverfly (S species) Syrphus species Flies 2
Hoverfly (S torvus) Syrphus torvus Flies 2


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