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Final shot of the GGS
The immature Eider spent the whole of my visit on some exposed rocks just offshore at Pilots Point , Studland
Duke of Burgundy today at Cerne Abbas Dorset @BC_Dorset @NatureUK
Common Gull, Hatch Pond
Meadow Pipit, Upton CP
Syrphus torvus in Bournemouth
Reed Bunting, Morden Bog
Treecreeper from Upton CP today, struggling to get into every crevice!!

April 2016

Slightly better light for the Holes Bay Smew this morning
Despite being very common in the Winter months, I just adore dunlin. They are always on the go and are fantastic to watch on open water as they run back and fourth up and down the sand with the waves, as if they were children daring each other not to get their feet wet. Their rather dumpy appearance on the ground changes dramatically when they take off in any numbers; it's breathtaking as they fly fast and low in formation, swerving back and fourth like so many brown and white paper darts. Wonderful little birds but so annoyingly similar to so many other small waders, especially in the winter when all the summer plumage on all species has faded to so many shades of grey and brown.
Dartford Warbler, Lytchett Heath
Eupeodes luniger in Bournemouth
What a fantastic day,ended with at least 7 Short Eared Owls up close and personal on Portland tonight.
RT @markwright12002: Shoveler. One of my favourite Ducks. Radipole, @RSPBWeymouth
This view of the gatekeeper shows off the frilled edges to the wings.
Last shots of the Eider at Pilots Point, Studland
Called into Wareham Forset on the way home from work and managed a distant shot the Great Grey Shrike (thanks Ian)

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