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Slightly better light for the Holes Bay Smew this morning
Meadow Pipit, Morden Bog
Black-tailed Godwit #LytchettFields , still 50+ summering birds
This shot is one of my personal favourites. We were walking around the end of the sand bar by the beach huts and this bird flew past at eye level about 10 yards away. At first I took no notice (after all, it's only a black headed gull) but after a couple of repeat passes, I took aim and fired off about 30 shots. Miraculously, almost all of them were in frame and tack-sharp, this one being my favourite. Despite being very common, I still can't resist this rather dainty little gull and probably have far too many pics stored on my computer. This pic shows the flight feathers particularly well and the easiest difference to spot between it and the Mediterranean gull; the black tips to the primary flight feathers that are absent in the latter.
4th record of singing Grasshopper Warbler at #LytchettFields this morning
Grasshopper Warbler still on territory at #LytchettFields , a couple of low light/high ISO shots from yesterday
Eupeodes luniger in Bournemouth
Pleased to find Brownsea's 1st Elegant Tern this pm even if it had just popped over from Pagham! #dorsetwt #dwtbrown
The hoverfly Chrysotoxum festivum feeding on Hogweed at Townsend NR this morning #dorsetwt
Nit Grass (Gastridium ventricosum) at Durlston this morning - easy to see where name came from
Privileged to spend an hour with this bird when the sun came out late this afternoon.
Silver-studded Blue Female, Morden Bog
No fish this time but great watching Little Terns fishing at Ferrybridge
Every Hogweed flower seems to be visited by the hoverfly Cheilosia illustrata at the moment #dorsetwt #dwtbrown
The Brownsea Sandwich Terns pairing up on the lagoon despite the attention of the local Black-headed Gulls
RT @anna_allum: Look at the antennae of this male emperor moth. Another beautiful creature from @RSPBArne
Red Breasted Merganser Ferrybridge earlier this year
Whilst quiet for birds at #LytchettFields thoughts turned to Butterflies Brimstone
Marbled White, one of several this morning on Portland's East Cliff
Not sure who was watching who but as we turned away from the pond, where we had been attempting to photograph water voles, there stood a sika stag as if to say, "I'm more interesting than voles!"

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