Create your own charts from data in the records database

Turning numbers into column charts can sometimes make the statistics easier to understand. Whilst charts are provided in a number of places in the Nature of Dorset records section (and elsewhere) as there is an ever increasing number of sighting records in the database there could be all sorts of other combinations of species (and groups), sites, months, years and contributors that you would like to view as a chart. Once you have a chart to your own specification you can use the 'Print Friendly' option at the bottom of the page to print it out, output it to a PDF file or to email it to someone.

There are two basic charts, one for monthly displays and the other for yearly. You can use any combination of the filters available to produce the desired results although selecting a species group AND a species-sub-group AND a species might produce some odd results (or probably no results if the selections do not match)! Select the basic time format from the choice below and then play around with the filters until you get the chart you want!




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