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White-fronted Goose

A winter visitor to the south east of Britain only occasionally seen as far west as Dorset 

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Along with other species of 'native' geese the white-fronted goose is a winter visitor to Britain with substantial numbers at regular wintering sites on the south-east coast of England and the lower Severn estuary; to see them as far south west as Dorset is unusual. The white-fronted goose nests in the Arctic in Greenland and Siberia. The Greeenland bird, in general, over winter in Ireland and the Russian birds in south eastern England. It is illegal in Scotland to shoot them but that is not so in England and Wales and they are subject to  a degree of disturbance here. They make the trip south in late October and November when the weather gets too cold to remain further north. They return north to breed in April so if they are going to turn up in Dorset then January or February is the most likely time if the weather further north becomes too severe for them.