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Getting a bit closer now and time to choose one of the next level categories to drill down deeper. You can use your browser page back button if you think you are in the wrong place and want to start again!

Birds Finches and Buntings

Finches are small birds with short, stout beaks, ideally made for eating seed. this group includes some of our most common birds. Whilst not related buntings have similar characteristcs.


Birds Thrushes and Chats

Thrushes are mainly those birds of the genera turdus whereas chats are distant members of the thrush family but are generally smaller yet retaining that familar thrush upright posture.


Birds Pipits and Wagtails

Pipits and wagtails are closely related. Insect eaters that are often, but not always, found near water.


Birds Flycatchers and Larks

Allthough not related I have combined these two insect eating families for convenience! 


Birds Hirundines and Swifts

Hirundine is the family name for swallows and martins who, along with swifts, are summer visitors because of the ample food supply in summer.

Other Small Land Birds

A diverse selection of land birds in other families generally smaller than a blackbird.