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Coral and Spindle Fungi

Small, coral-like, spindle shaped fungi in all sorts of colours. There are several genus that make up this family of interesting species that are often associated with dead wood or leaf litter. 

Cup and Jelly Fungi

There are fungi that develop in a cup or ear shape that a soft at first then harden. There are other jelly-like species that form hard shapes when dry too.  

Crust and Spot Fungi

There are fungi that appear as a rot on the surface of wood, others appear as spots and these are known a respunate fungi but I have called then crusts and spots.

Slime Moulds

Slime moulds look like fungi and have some similar characteristics but are classified as a seperate life form. Given the similarities and the fact there are not many common slime moulds I have grouped them with fungi to aid identification.