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Sawflies are not flies but relatives of bees and wasps.  Not strong fliers and tend to stay on bushes and pants where they feed on pollen. Variable insects, some have saw-like ovipositors.


A large and diverse group of parasitic insects, usally having long antennae and the females have long ovipositors to lay their eggs inside the larvae of other insects, often caterpillars.


Social insects nesting underground in colonies with flightless workers tending a winged queen and her young.

Digger wasps

Solitary wasps that mainly nest in the ground creating little heaps of soil or sand as they excavate. Usually yellow and black or orange and black.

Social wasps

The familar yellow and black insect of the garden. There are many varieties difficult to distinguish between. The group includes the hornet.


A large group of insects, mostly solitary rather than communal. Pollen and nectar feeders but only the females collect this to take back to the nest.

Bumble bees and Cuckoo bees

Generally large, sturdy, hairy, social insects with distinctive colour patterns although some species are very similar. Cuckoo bees look similar but lay their eggs in bumble bee nests and so do not collect nectar.

Cuckoo Wasps

Wasps that lay their eggs in the nest of a host species.