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Crane flies

Commonly called daddy-long-legs because of their long, dangling legs. A variable range of flies, some surprising small and like mosquitos.

Mosquitoes and midges

This group not only contains the insects we would imaging under this title but also some interesting larger insects that look very different to the classic mosquito. 

Soldier flies and Snipe flies

Flies with flattened bodies and usually brightly coloured and can be mistaken for hover flies or even wasps. snipe flies tend to have a more pointed abdomen.

Horse flies

Called horse flies as some of the family can be a pest to horses and other mammals as well. They tend to be bulky insects, fast flying and with short, stout antennae. This group includes bee-flies.

Robber flies

Bristly, predatory flies inclined to sitting on leaves and ambushing passing insects which they catch in mid-air.

Hover flies

Hoverflies are the largest group of flies. Many are colourful and mimic wasps and bees, others less so. Quite harmless and very variable.

Parasitic flies

Stocky, hairy and quite ugly looking flies that parasitise other insects, especially caterpillars.

House flies and Blow Flies

Although called house flies very few of this group are ever found in houses! A variable family of stout, black coloured flies but not all of them.

Micro Flies

Various families of flies whose species are quite small and hard to identify without magnification.