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Tiger Beetles and Ground beetles

Long legged, fast, ground living preditory beetles. Tiger beetles tend to be brightly coloured and sun-loving species whereas ground beetles are usually black and nocturnal.

Scarab Beetles and Burying beetles

Carnivorous, scavanging beetles. Largely nocturnal with a strong sense of smell that feed on carrion.


Distinctive, nocturnal beetles; generally strong fliers. Vegetarian and can be a pest in gardens, farms and forests.

Soldier Cardinal and Click beetles

Brightly coloured beetles with elongated wing cases. Seen on flowers in summer.

Ladybirds and Carpet Beetles

Generally domed bodies although some are elongated. Some are very small and overlooked. Can be variable in appearance within the same species.

Longhorn beetles

Named longhorns because of their long and sturdy antennae. Elongated bodies. Larvae are usually wood borers. 

Leaf beetles and Weevils

A large family of small, brightly coloured beetles that feed on leaves. Sadly this brings some species in to conflict with gardeners!

Water beetles

Streamlined beetles able to live under water coming occassionally to the surface to renew oxygen supplies. String swimmers, rarely seen and difficult to identify without catching them!