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Flora Identification Guide

Make a selection from any of the lists below that match the flower you saw and a filtered selection of possible flowers will be displayed. The more of the four options you specify the smaller the number of likely flowers will be displayed but if you are too specific then you may eliminate your flower from the choices if they do not exactly match my groupings! Have fun ...

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Onobrychis viciifolia
Pea family - Leguminosae
Strong pink spikes of pea-shaped flowers

Salad Burnet

Sanguisorba minor
Rose family - Rosaceae
A rounded green flower head but with a purple tinge when the stamens are present

Sand Spurrey

Spergularia rubra
Campion Family - Caryophyllaceae
Small creeping plant with red stems and small pink flowers


Sanicula europaea
Carrot family - Umbelliferea
Clusters of flowers on the top of multiple stems


Serratula tinctoria
Daisy family - Compositae
Thistle-like flower but a plant with no prickles

Scarlet Pimpernel

Anagallis arvensis
Primrose family - Primulaceae
Small clustered plant with several distinctive red flowers

Scentless Mayweed

Tripleurospermum inodorum
Daisy family - Compositae
Large daisy-like flower on a spreading plant with many stems

Sea Aster

Aster tripolium
Daisy family - Compositae
A purple daisy with a yellow centre new salt water

Sea Beet

Beta vulgaris
Goosefoot family - Chenopodiaceae
Strong sprawling plane with spikes of green flowers

Sea Bindweed

Calystegia soldanella
Bindweed family - Convolvulaceae
Stawling ground covering plant with pink and white trumpet flowers

Sea Campion

Silene uniflora
Campion Family - Caryophyllaceae
Low growing white flower with stamens emerging beyond petals

Sea Kale

Crambe maritima
Cabbage family - Cruciferae
Large plant with big leaves and a mass of white flower

Sea Mayweed

Tripleurospermum maritum
Daisy family - Compositae
Large daisy-like flower on a spreading plant near the sea

Sea Milkwort

Glaux martima
Primrose family - Primulaceae
Low creeping plant with fleshy leaves by the sea

Sea Mouse-ear

Cerastium atrovirens
Campion Family - Caryophyllaceae
A campion with just four petals rather than the usual five

Sea Purslane

Atriplex portulacoides
Goosefoot family - Chenopodiaceae
Mealy plant with green flowers that appear red because of the sepals that surround the flower

Sea Rocket

Cakile maratima
Cabbage family - Cruciferae
Four petaled pale pink flower on a fleshy plant

Sea Sandwort

Honkenya peploides
Campion Family - Caryophyllaceae
Small, creeping plant with fleshy leaves

Sea Spurge

Euphorbia paralias
Spurge family - Euphorbiaceae
Greyish green fleshy plant with small green flowers at the top of the stem


Prunella vulgaris
Borage family - Boraginaceae
short plant with clusters of purple flowers

Sharp-leaved Fluellen

Kickxia elatine
Figwort family - Scrophulariaceae
Two-tone flower! Mainly yellow but with dark purple top petals

Sheeps Bit

Jasione montana
Bellflower family - Campanulaceae
Globular blue flower head on a short hairy plant

Sheeps Sorrel

Rumex acetosella
Dock family - Polygonaceae
Small slender flower spikes with reddish brown flowers.

Shepherds Purse

Capsella bursa-pastoris
Cabbage family - Cruciferae
The heart shaped seed pods on stalks

Shining Cranesbill

Geranium lucidum
Geranium family - Geraniaceae
A plant very much like herb-robert but smaller and growing in barren places

Shining Pondweed

Potamogeton lucens
Pondweed family - Potamogetonaceae
Totally submerged plant with shiny leaves, generally in chalky water

Shrubby Seablite

Suaeda vera
Goosefoot family - Chenopodiaceae
Tall woody plant greyish in colour and flowers barely visible

Silver Birch

Betula pendula
Birch family - Betulaceae
Green catkins tinged with brown or purple


Potentilla anserina
Rose family - Rosaceae
Low growing plant with a silvery appearance on the back of the leaves


Scutellaria galericulata
Mint family - Labiatae
Smallish blue tubular flowers with a with base

Slender St Johns-wort

Hypericum pulchrum
Thin plant with flowers appearing on branches - often a tinge of red on opening flower buds

Slender Tare

Vicia laxiflora
Pea family - Leguminosae
Scrambling delicate climber with pale purple flowers

Slender Thistle

Carduus tenuiflorus
Daisy family - Compositae
Medium height thistle with pale pink flowers in a cluster at the top of each stem

Small Cudweed

Filago minima
Daisy family - Compositae
Small whitish plant with tiny yellow flowers

Small Scabious

Scabiosa columbaria
Teasel family - Dipsaceae
Rounded bluish-purple flower heads on a short stem

Small Teasel

Dipsacus pilosus
Teasel family - Dipsaceae
Much smaller plant than the well known teasel and with a round flower head rather than oval

Small Toadflax

Chaenorhinum minus
Figwort family - Scrophulariaceae
A small creeping plant with yellow lower petals and mauve upper petals

Small-flowered Buttercup

Ranunculus parviflorus
Buttercup family - Ranunculaceae
Small buttercup that looks as if it has lost its petals

Small-flowered Sweet Briar

Rosa micrantha
Rose family - Rosaceae
Smaller version of the well known dog rose with gaps between the petals

Small-leaved Knotgrass

Polygonum arenastrum
Dock family - Polygonaceae
Small, sprawling plant forming mats

Small-leaved Lime

Tilia cordata
Lime family - Tiliaceae
Flowers are insignificant, look for the small leaves just a couple of inches long

Smooth Cats-ear

Hypochaeris glabra
Daisy family - Compositae
Almost insignificant little dandelion type flower that hardly opens

Smooth Hawks-beard

Crepis capillaris
Daisy family - Compositae
Small dandelion-like flowers on a slender branched plant with smooth stems

Smooth tare

Vicia tetrasperma
Pea family - Leguminosae
Medium scrambling plant entwined in grasses with small pale purple tubular flowers

Snake-head Fritillary

Fritillaria meleagris
Lily family - Liliaceae
Distinctive dangling purple bell-shaped flowers


Achillea ptarmica
Daisy family - Compositae
Typical daisy-like flower but without the orange centre


Galanthus nivalis
Daffodil family - Amaryllidaceae
Familiar white flower of late winter


Polygonatum multiflorum
Lily family - Liliaceae
A bending stem with white flowers on the under side