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The "Handbook for Phase 1 Habitat Survey" describes woodland as an area where the vegetation is dominated by trees more than five metres high when mature forming a distinct, although sometimes open, canopy.

  • Broad-leaf: a woodland where the canopy is formed almost exclusively by deciduous broad-leaf trees like ash and oak
  • Acid: a woodland where the acid soil means that the tree mix is often oak, birch and possibly some Scots pine
  • Wet; a woodland where the floor is almost continuously wet, often with standing water, where alder. poplar and willows dominate
  • Mixed: a woodland where conifers have been planted amongst deciduous trees, often pines amongst beech
  • Plantation: a woodland almost exclusively pine or spruce planted for a timber crop
  • Amenity: A woodland planted for a specific purpose for the benefit of human beings; orchards, arboreta, shelter belts, parkland, etc


Habitat Types: 
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These are some of the habitat types that occur within this general classification. Click/tap any thumbnail for more detail about a specific habitat type.