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To aid users of mobile devices as well as those with a mouse or laptop finger pad this site uses a simple image-based menu system. Virtually every picture you see (images and photos) are links to more information arranged in a sort of top-down structure. See an image, click or tap on it to open a new page.

The aim of this section is to:

  • Provide information about what is happening at the current time in the natural world across Dorset

These aims are achieved by:

  • Providing a list of species seen yesterday as recorded by Twitter users
  • Providing supporting reports, maps, charts and photographs
  • Providing links to other sources of news from various organisations
  • Providing links to news stories, forthcoming events and interesting articles

This section can be used for:

  • Keeping touch with the ever changing natural world as the seasons pass by
  • Finding species being reported in the county to find to grow your tick lists
  • Helping with identification of a species you may have seen recently but did not recognise
  • Finding things to do and places of natural interest to visit
  • Following the progress of bird migration, insect emergence, plant flowering and other seasonal related trends
  • Monitoring trends in population levels, population movements and general behaviour of species or grops of species
  • Increasing ones general knowledge of the nature of Dorset

From the home page you can:

  • Access detailed information by clicking/tapping one of the provided thumbnails (see below) 
These links are provided to a more detailed level of information: 

A list of the species seen in Dorset yesterday with location and contributor information from which the original tweet can be referenced.

A list of the thirty species that have generated the most tweeted records in the last thirty days. This is an indication of the most interesting visible species at the current time.

A map of Dorset showing the sites where species were recorded yesterday. This could be useful finding out what was seen near where you live yesterday.

Three column charts providing a visual representation of the data showing how yesterday's records were distributed by species group, by site and by distributor. There is also a chart showing the number of records submitted over the last thirty days.

Some of the best photographs submitted with yesterday's record tweets and which have been added to the Nature of Dorset database. 

Selected tweets with links to items of general nature interest, events being run by local organisations and links also to a number of wildlife articles and blog entries. 

Various Dorset based nature conservation and wildlife organisations publish regular reports and diaries and those that I know of can be accessed by links on this page. 

Copy the link at the top of the page into your RSS reader to follow the news without  having to visit the Nature of Dorset. 

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