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The aim of this section is to:

  • Provide information about the various habitat types found in Dorset

These aims are achieved by:

  • Providing a view of habitats using a simplified two-tier structure adapted from established habitat classification methods
  • Providing information bout the various species of animals and plants that have a preference for a given habitat type
  • Providing examples of each habitat type and information about where such habitat can be found in Dorset

This section can be used for:

  • Understanding more about habitat types and their relationship to underlying geology
  • Understanding more about habitat types and how they favour certain species of animals and plants
  • Find places where each habitat can be found and studied
  • Using the vegetation present at a site to identify the habitat classification and so understand more about the environment
  • Increasing ones general knowledge of habitat and species relationships

From the home page you can:

  • View a list of species found in the various habitat types
  • View a list of sites where a habitat type is found
These links are provided to a more detailed level of information: 

The map hows some of the sites in Dorset where this habitat can be found. Click any pin to see th name of the site and the extent of the habitat type within that site. There are four general classifications:

  1. Foundation: the habitat type is the basic foundation upon which the habitat is built
  2. Significant: the habitat type covers a significant area of the site
  3. Partial: the habitat type partially covers the site
  4. Minority: the habitat covers a minor part of the site

This report lists species (mainly vegetation) that are often found in this habitat type. There are three levels:

  1. Indicator: the species is closely linked to the habitat type and its presence is usually confirmation of the habitat type
  2. Associated: the species is associated with, but not exclusively with, this habitat type
  3. Occasional: this species can be found in this habitat type but the link is not strong

This report shows an alphabetical list of the sites where this habotat type occurs. Where the map shows the geographcal spread of the habitat the list may be more useful for printing out and for reference purposes.

This option shows some photographs which hopefully illustrate the general nature of this habitat type

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