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About the Nature of Dorset

Firstly, some important principles:


The Nature of Dorset is the private and personal hobby project of Peter Orchard, Wareham, Dorset. The site is independant and not associated with any organisation, commercial, statutory or voluntary. The project is not responsible for the maintenance and management of any nature reserve or other location featured on the website and has no responsibilities for the enforcement of environmental protection and nature conservation legislation. 

  • Copyright:

This website has been created by the owner and is the copyright of the owner. Copyright of all photographs on this website (unless otherwise stated) remains with the publisher or its contributor and they should not be used by others for any purpose without permission.

  • Errors and Omissions:

Please note that the data on this website is not the result of scientific research, it is a collection of random observations made by a very amateur enthusiast. The species database covers everything from mammals to fungi and no one can be an expert in all of these taxa and much of the identification is restricted by the quality of reference material I have available. Please bear in mind that one person cannot possibly produce the definitive guide to the nature of Dorset and so species lists will be incomplete and there will be reserves not covered but as time goes by the database will grow and (depending on health and the weather) the content will become more comprehensive.

No responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions in the data and information supplied. If you notice any errors or have any constructive comments there is a 'contact' facility available at the foot of every page.

  • Charges and fees:

This website is run as a hobby and is not my livelihood. The information is made available free of charge to anyone who finds it useful and I take no financial reward from the website and I bear all of the running costs from my own pocket. The site does not, and will not, carry advertising.

  • Communication

I am always pleased to receive comments from people provided they are constructive and helpful, not destructive and rude! So, if you spot a mistake or do not agree with something I have written then there is a 'contact' option at the foot of every page of the website. I am also happy to try and answer questions where I can so, if you have any nature related question, you can also use the 'contact' option to get in touch. If you have an identification query please try to send a photograph, no matter how poor, and tell me where and when you saw the particular species and include any other information you may feel is relevant.

I do not continuously monitor this site but I will respond at the earliest opportunity to any reasonable request or comment.

In addition to the important principles above the 'about' section gives you access to these three sub-sections: