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Red kite in Dorset; what your tweets tell us

Whilst not currently a resident breeding species in Dorset they are seen here quite frequently. Once almost extinct in the United Kingdom they have, with help, prospered in other parts of the country and their range is certainly spreading as their numbers increase and this is seemingly leading to an increasing number of reports in Dorset. Most reports come from coastal areas around Poole Harbour and the Fleet although this may be due to that being where most observers are located. The higher chalk areas inland should be good for them but that gets less coverage. Most reports come in between March and May so spring seems to be a good time to see them. This is, of course, peak migration time for many species and the coastal concentration and spring peak may indicate some sort of winter movement south and our reports are birds returning? This is a species you have a chance of encountering at the right time of year but it is certainly not a species you can plan to see - it must, for now, be considered a vagrant species in Dorset.

Best place to see them: The Poole basin and along the west Dorset coast
Best time to see them: Spring, especially April/May



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