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Nature Notes from Dorset

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I try to write a Nature Note each day about a species or place found in Dorset.

Each day I try to write a short feature about a species I have seen or place I have visited in Dorset. I call these my Nature Notes and it is how I learn more about the wildlife and wild places of Dorset. These Nature Notes then also add to the information I can show about species and places. I try to keep technical language out of my Notes and to make them as understandable as I can to beginners, after all this site is not really for experts who know far more than I do anyway!

You are welcome to follow my Nature Notes daily if you want to learn a little more each day with me; you can use them to find out more about a particular group of species by reading one of my on-line 'books' or you can just read them when you want to know about a particular species of your choice.

At present about 1,000 of the entries in the species and places databases have Notes, I hope to complete the project by the end of 2017! I will then start again and try and expand and improve each entry and that could take me until 2022 ...



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