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Do you give nature talks or lead walks? If so, this may interest you ...

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The Nature of Dorset website gets 80,000 visits a year and from time to time I am asked if I will give a talk or lead a walk for a group or club. Sadly, personal circumstances mean I can no longer do this and having turned down another request earlier in the week it struck me that some of you out there obviously do give nature talks and lead walks and rather than turn enquiries down maybe I could redirect them to you. It is with this in mind that I have an idea to create a directory of available talks and walks so that interested groups are not disappointed and those who do this sort of thing can maybe benefit. Like everything on the Nature of Dorset it would be a free resource, no charges will be made to either 'advertiser' or 'enquirer'. That does not stop anyone charging a fee and/or expenses for any service they offer.

To set this up would be quite straight forward; I would need a contact name and a contact email address and telephone number to create log-in credentials and then each interested party could enter some details about what they offer - a title and a short resume, any charges to be made/donation required, any specialist subject areas that are covered and how far one is prepared to travel. This is a 'blank sheet of paper' and I am open to suggestions from anyone who would like to take advantage of the service. It does not have to be limited to walks and talks but could include other services as well so long as they are educational/environmental/conservation biased.

The Nature of Dorset has been, and always will be, a free service educating, supporting and encouraging anyone with an interest in the nature of Dorset and if a directory of walks and talks can help develop that further then it will be well worth a bit of effort to set it up.

Email me at if you are interested.