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About Page Guide

  • The aim of this section is to:

    • Provide background information about the Nature of Dorset website, its content and its use

    These aims are achieved by:

    • Providing primary statements about ownership, copyright, errors and omissions, charges and fees and communications
    • Providing guidance notes on how to use some aspects of the Nature of Dorset or interpret some of the information provided on the site
    • Providing some general notes about Dorset and its wildlife for those who are not familiar with the county
    • Providing a list of, and acknowledging the help I have received from, reference books upon which much of the information on this site has been derived from
    • Providing links to other websites for organisations active in Dorset involved with natural history and wildlife conservation

    This section can be used for:

    • Understanding how the Nature of Dorset came to be
    • Understanding how to use or interpret some aspects of the Nature of Dorset and the data contained in it
    • Understanding a little of the background of Dorset 
    • Finding ideas for identification guides and reference books that you may find useful
    • Finding details of organisations in Dorset that may provide you more information about an aspect on nature conservation that interests or concerns you

    From this home page you can: 

    Access the GUIDES section if you want some background information to:

      • Dorset, its geology and general nature including my pick of the best places to visit and the best things to look for
      • This website, how it came about and how to use it
      • Some aspects of nature that I have written papers about in the past to support walks I have led and talks I have given

      Access the BIBLIOGRAPHY section if you:

        • would like to know what reference books I use and the information you need if you would like to buy a copy for yourself

        Access the LINKS section for:

          • links to the websites of conservation bodies and organisations based in, or active in, Dorset