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Scaup in Dorset: what your tweets tell us ...

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Scaup in Dorset: what your tweets tell us ...

Like many of our wintering ducks the scaup nests in the far north in Arctic regions and migrates south when the harsh weather sets in. Scaup are long distance migrators and they disperse over a wide area and good numbers visit the North Sea coasts of Britain but far fewer generally venture as far west as Dorset and they are quite scarce here.

The weekly reports chart gives the impression that the scaup is a regular visitor here with several reports each week from week 38 in mid-September right through the winter until week 20 in late May but this is a bit deceiving. The sites reporting chart shows that most of the reports come from Abbotsbury Swannery and this seems to be a favourable wintering home for them with a small number of long staying birds being reported. October and then April do seem to produce a number of reports each year and this coincides with the migration periods and so should, perhaps, be expected as passage birds may be seen here.

The scaup has a preference for open sea but does visit large coastal lakes on occasions and other than at Abbotsbury Swannery where it will enjoy the company of other duck species, it is occasionally seen in Poole Harbour and also at other points along the Fleet.

To add scaup to your Dorset list you just need to keep watching the news to see where and when any are reported.



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