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Purbeck Ridge: East Hill or Challows Hill

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Purbeck Ridge: East Hill or Challows Hill

Walks along the Purbeck Ridge always give superb views in all directions and East Hill, also known as Challows Hill, is no exception. Being where the ridge continues eastwards from Corfe Castle to Ballard Down and Old Harry you get a birds-eye view of the castle at Corfe, a different perspective than the view you get from the bottom!

Good views from high vantage points come at a cost of course, you have to climb to the top to get your reward. If you tackle East Hill from the village of Corfe Castle you have to endure a steep climb up more than 300 steps to the top. Alternatively, you can walk (or drive) a short distance up the road under the railway bridge to a gate on the left and a well made path that is less demanding as it climbs along the slope rather than straight up it! This does not give you the views at the top of the castle but walk back westwards along the ridge and you will come to the top of the steps and the view of the castle. It is easier going down the steps, but not much!

Sadly, much of the top of the ridge has been improved for grazing and there is not a lot of natural interest but the steep slopes of the ridge are not suited to grazing and that is where you will find the bulk of the flowers and associated insects. 

If you can tackle the steps then a circular walk here is well worth it. There is a small car park at Challows Farm or you can park in the National Trust visitor centre car park and walk from there.




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