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Miltochrista miniata: the rosy footman

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Miltochrista miniata: the rosy footman

Although it is primarily a nocturnal species I was fortunate to come cross two of these lovely rosy footman moths (Miltochrista miniata) feeding on hemp-agrimony in broad day light whilst walking through Hethfelton Wood near Bovington. They are unique in that they are the only moths of this vivid pink colour, pale pink in the middle with a bright rose pink border around the edge of the fore-wings. There are also some fine black lines interwoven into the wings.

Flying through out July they are a species that likes woodland and mature hedgerows which perhaps explains why I have never had them in my moth trap although they are attracted by light. Their larvae feed on the lichens found on the stems of shrub and tree branches. They overwinter as larvae, pupating in May ready for their summer hatching.

They are widespread though nit necessarily common throughout southern Britain so I hope to see them again one day.



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