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Holt Wood: three for the price of one

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Holt Wood: three for the price of one

Holt Wood is actually three woods according to the OS map; Holt Forest, Queen's Copse and Ferndown Forest. Holt Wood is the name of the nearby smal village. It is hard to distinguish between the three when you get there and it is not really necesary to do so so I have treated them all as one for the Nature of Dorset purposes.

Whilst a Forestry Commission plantation there is still much broad-leaf woodland to interest the naturalist with the scarce white admiral butterfly being one of the specialities to look for in mid-summer. As with most Forestry Commission woodland there is a well made, wide, firm path that runs in a loop through the woods which I believe would be suitable for wheelchairs, the problem might be accessing this main path from some of the entrance points to the wood. The path itself is lined with flowers and a good umber of insects can be found on them during the summer months. Look out too for some woodland birds in the tree canopy, warblers in particular. To the north east of the woodland is a fishing lake, private with no public access, and dragonflies and damselflies from this area can be seen along the path fringes here.

Not a large woodland, once can stroll around the main path in an hour or so but certainly a pleasant walk and in mid-summer, an interesting one too.




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