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I have been writing my 'nature notes' for some years now, they are part of the way I learn and expand my knowledge of both nature and Dorset.  I publish these notes as a blog on my Facebook page, the Nature of Dorset Twitter feed and on my Blogger site. They seem quite popular and have a daily following of several hundred people but over time the notes replace the older ones that 'disappear' into oblivion! In an attempt to give older ones an extended life as they still obviously have a purpose, especially to both new followers who may have missed them and to regular followers who may wish to look back, I have created this section of the Nature of Dorset as a 'library' of these notes arranged into 'books' which can be read online.

I have grouped these nature notes into common themes, usually families or groups of species, and publish them here as 'books' so you can read about Dorset's butterflies in one book for example and about Dorset's orchids in another. There are over forty books so far so there is plenty of bedtime reading for those who have difficulty in getting to sleep! The complete list of books is shown below justtap (or click) the photograph aligned with each to start reading.

I have tried to make these books 'mobile friendly' so that one note appears per page and you can swipe up and down if needed and the swipe left for the next page or swipe right to go back to a previous page. There is arrow navigation too for those viewing on a non-touch sensitive screen. If you find a species you want to know more about you can tap (or click) on its photo to the the full species details in the Nature of Dorset reference section complete with distribution maps, some charts and where I have them, additional photographs.

If you have any questions abut what you have read or wish to add to what I have said you can contribute via the forum function.

I do hope you find these books useful and interesting ... 

Happy reading



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