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To aid users of mobile devices as well as those with a mouse or laptop finger pad this site uses a simple image-based menu system. Virtually every picture you see (images and photos) are links to more information arranged in a sort of top-down structure. See an image, click or tap on it to open a new page.

The beginning of a journey into the Nature of Dorset!

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All you need to know about the best places in Dorset to see wildlife:

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  • Want details of the county's SSSI? Use the SSSI section.



An introduction to the habitat types commonly found in Dorset:

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  • Want to know what vegetation forms a particular habitat type? Use the species lists



A guide to the nature of Dorset and some help with identification:

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This is my personal guide to the nature of Dorset; it is my hobby, not my livelihood and I make no charge for the use of it and there are no advertisements! My aim is to provide you as much information as I can about the best places to find animals and plants in Dorset and to help you identify a species you may have seen or to find a species you are looking for. For those wishing to delve a little deeper there is also a section on habitats and their indicator species.

This website uses a 'top down' approach with a graphical interface. You should be able to start from this page, choose where you want to go, click or tap the image and you will be presented with a further choice of options. Keep going until you find what you are looking for. Alternatively you can use the site search facility or the table of contents at the bottom of the page. 

I hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy the nature of Dorset and the Nature of Dorset website.

Peter Orchard