This is my personal guide to the nature reserves and wildlife 'hot-spots' of Dorset and the species you might find here. It is organised into three parts; sites information, species information and general information.

The sites database has details of over 200 reserves in Dorset. For each that I have visited there is a description, some photographs, location map and species list.

Click/tap the 'sites' logo if you:

  • Want to find details of a particular nature reserve in Dorset
  • Want to find a nature reserve near you
  • Want to identify a species you have seen at a Dorset reserve

The species database has details of over 1,500 species recorded in Dorset. For many that I have recorded there is a description, some photographs and a distribution map.

Click/tap the 'species' logo if you:

  • Want to find out where to see a specific species
  • Want a guide as to the species you can see in Dorset
  • Want help identifying something you have seen

I write a blog with a post most days, usually about a species that can be seen at the time of year of writing the article. 

Click/tap the 'diary' logo if you:

  • Want to learn a bit more about what you can see
  • Want some background information about species you may be seeing
  • Want to expand your knowledge of nature (writing the blog is how I expand mine!)

Fot those who have never visited Dorset I have included some introductory notes that I hope you will find useful.

Click/tap the 'guide' logo if you:

  • Want to know more about this site
  • Want to know more about Dorset
  • Want to know more about the Dorset Wildlife Trust reserves on the Isle of Purbeck


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The Small Print!

I run this site as a hobby and the make information available free of charge to anyone who finds it useful. I accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the data and information supplied and I retain the copyright of all photographs on this site unless otherwise stated and they should not be used by others for any purpose without my permission.



Please note that the data on this site is not the result of scientific research, it is a collection of random observations made by a very amateur enthusiast. As a result the sites near to where I live in Purbeck are obviously going to get more coverage than sites further away.

The species database covers everything from mammals to fungi and no one, least of all me, can be an expert in all of these taxa and much of my identification will be restricted by the quality of reference material I have access to.

So, please bear in mind that one person cannot possibly produce the definitive guide to the nature of Dorset and I do not pretend to. Species lists will be incomplete and there will be sites not covered but as time goes by so the database will grow and I hope (depending on my health and the weather) the content will become more comprehensive as time passes.

If you notice any errors or have any constructive comments there is a 'contact us' facility on every page.